We are your complete Beauty Supply store resource!

With over 25 years of industry experience, we are the premier resource for store planning, designing and producing very successful beauty supply store environments. We will work directly with you to provide the best store design and fixtures to match your project and budget.

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Challenges of Retail

The high volume inventory in the beauty supply industry poses many challenges in retailing for both the retailer and the consumer. The lack of design and organization results in overstuffed fixture displays that make it difficult for the customer to navigate and shop. Poor merchandising and visibility of products negatively impacts sales and profit as a company. It is important to consider a product’s visibility for the consumer so that it’s shelf life is short and is constantly boosting sales.

Our Solution and The Process

Our experienced design team will help create a strong merchandising and design program that maximizes the value of your budget based on your company’s specific needs and challenges. Our goal is to solve these design challenges to help boost sales and create a pleasant and organized shopping experience for a more profitable store. We are your one stop shop, we’ll start the design, manufacture, delivery and installation. Call us today at 770-840-7100 to get your free design consultation!



We begin with your brand to better understand the needs of your company and its specific challenges.



Our design team will then streamline the design process for you and create a complete design package of finishes, graphics, fixture layouts and merchandising plans.



Choose from our pre-designed sections of various merchandising configurations to create a fixture program unique and the perfect solution for your company.

Beauty World - Concept Drawings

Beauty World - Concept Drawings

Beauty World - Highpoint, NC

Beauty World - Highpoint, NC